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Sculpt Leggings - BLACK


🍒For those who want to improve and keep fit without obsessing about their body, I have decided to create the best, using the most compressive and at the same time light technical fabric on the market.

— I wearing size S Sensitive® Sculpt is the fabric that sculpts the body, harmonizing it and enhancing the shapes. With a high technical content, it harmonizes the silhouette and supports the muscles.

100% SENSITIVE® Sculpt

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Slip, Culotte, Leggings

  • 3/4 cm above the navel

XXS   65-70 cm

XS   70-75 cm

S  75-85 cm

M 85-95 cm

L 95-105 cm

XL 105-115cm

XXL 115-130cm

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The creation of our garments follows social and environmental ethics, as well as seeking inclusiveness.

We are convinced that only a product made with such care is able to convey an authentic feeling of well-being we are looking for.

In addition to respecting workers, we support the planet thanks to sustainable production.


Our mission is to enhance the style of each person and help make people feel good about themselves and their physical characteristics at any size or age and whatever their gender.


Made in Italy

Our garments are created in Italy, from the fabric of the Bergamo and Varese supply chains, to the labor of the Turin tailoring laboratory.

The attention to detail and the quality of the materials are a priority, simple designs (or real scribbles if made by me) magically come to life thanks to expert hands.

Shipping and Returns

The shipments in the summer are carried out from Tuesday to Friday, we try to process the orders as soon as possible.

One of my assistants and I pack the parcels with lots of love; they are then shipped by the courier from which you will receive an email with the tracking number.

The delivery usually takes place within 3-4 working days.

The handcrafted and exclusive production of the collection means that there are often items that will have to wait a few days. To be sure of having them soon, you need to order them as soon as possible.

Sometimes you will find these abbreviations written next to the sizes:

SOLD OUT means that it is no longer available and will not be available for a long time, perhaps never.

PREORDER means that it will be available between 2 weeks and 2 months.

RESTOCK means that as items arrive, we will proceed to send them (it is not always indicated, you may receive an email after a few days) it usually takes from 7 to 14 working days.

Shipping costs:

Italy: 6.90€

Europe: €12.90

Rest of the world: €17.90

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Flora Ferino

Prodotto ottimo quanto a qualità dei materiali. Purtroppo scivolano troppo e devo continuare a tirarli su, per cui non sono comodi. Forse ho sbagliato e ho preso io una taglia troppo grande. Comunque ottimo prodotto, anche se un po’ Caruccio come prezzo.

Andrea Schreiber

Leggings Sculpt - NERO

Gloria Grassi
Il mio primo capo acquistato.

Ricordo ancora il primo acquisto su questo meraviglioso sito.. fu proprio questo capo, sono ormai diversi anni che lo indosso, é meraviglioso.
L’ho portato a 114 kg, a 83 ed ancora oggi a 92 kg dopo averne ripresi.
Ha sempre valorizzato il mio corpo, l’ho indossato in palestra, ad eventi, per lavoro e per semplicemente andar a far la spesa. NON SI É MAI ROVINATO, é perfetto come il primo giorno. Vale tutto il prezzo che ha. Quando penso ad un prodotto “QUALITÀ-PREZZO” cito sempre questo capo! Chi non l’ho acquista non sa cosa si perde.


I leggings più comodi in assoluto! fasciano bene ma non danno fastidio e fanno un effetto push-up incredibile ;) Poi sono proprio belli al tatto! Ne prenderò altri sicuramente!


Adoro questi leggings! Non segnano, l’elastico sulla pancia non si arrotola mentre faccio esercizi oppure se mi siedo! E mi fanno sentire una super figa!!🤩 super approvati!!