Mindful Eating Online per far pace con il cibo e con se stessi

Mindful Eating Online to make peace with food and with yourself

Have you ever heard of Conscious Eating or Mindful Eating?

As I tell in my book "We are Light" the first time I heard this term I was on the beach and my friend - Mamy Sticazzi - who is said to always have the solution for everything, and I was telling her that I wanted find more balance because the little voices in my head occasionally came to bother me, to tell me that I was eating too much and things like that that I fear that many of us know. But I absolutely didn't want to hear about restrictive diets, calorie counting or things that had obsessed me all my life and even led to bulimia, that's enough!

So she told me about this path that a psychologist from Finale Ligure was facing. Some time later after browsing her Instagram profile, I met Chiara Lena.

It was a sunny day, but when she arrived, with her peaceful aura of hers, everything lights up even more, in a way even my path!

Since I tackled the path of Mindful Eating - Conscious Eating - with doctor @ chiaralena.psicologa I feel reborn, reconnected with myself.

she has acted on many fronts, helped me to get to know myself better as a person and changed (for the better) my relationship with food.

Think that I didn't even know the SENSE OF SATIENCE anymore, I thought I had a broken hypothalamus and I stopped eating because I knew I had to stop, but I never felt really satisfied and full.

Now instead I don't even have NERVOUS HUNGER anymore, I understood that it is caused by emotions and stress that I did not know how to recognize or manage, and now thanks to Conscious Eating, to this path of introspection done through Mindful Eating, I have learned to make them constructive and non-destructive .

For me, having packets of biscuits scattered around the house to draw from in the "no" moments was normal, hidden from everyone, gorging myself trying to fill a void.

This journey was something that changed my life and I want to share!

This is how Mindful Eating Online was born, a journey of 21 videos guided by her, our Light, Chiara Lena and as a side dish to my and Pablito's experiences that we relive everything in first person, expressing doubts and uncertainties, thrilling us and also strengthening our couple. Sharing this journey as a family can be very escalating!

Find out here.

Can you think of food without a SENSE OF GUILT?
To think of eating a slice of cake during the week without then necessarily running 10km or skipping the next meal or waiting for the day of mischief or counting assiduously each calorie?

This path is based on the 7 PILLARS of MINDFULNESS then applied to food.

  1. Non judgment
    Being able to observe without judging, especially oneself.
  2. Patience
    I know, even I thought I didn't have any, I am from everything immediately ... but in the end it will be natural to give time to the words to enter, to the emotions of being lived and what will ever be a few weeks , or even a month compared to a life of suffering and hardship? Every minute towards serenity will be worth more than all the past!
  3. Beginner's Mind
    According to Jon Kabat-Zinn , to grasp the richness of the present moment, we should learn to look at things as if we saw them for the first time .. EXTRAORDINARY experience.
  4. Trust
    Trust in one's own experience and feelings, trust in ourselves and this will then facilitate trust in others.But I was thinking, how can I trust myself if I'm hurt so bad? If I don't have control over anything… etc etc… but then everything appears clear!
  5. Do not look for results
    This does not mean not setting goals, but changing perspective, enjoying and living the here and now It is an essential part in life and also in the relationship with food where diet culture has pestered with the idea of ​​result, weight loss and ideal body.
  6. Acceptance
    Acceptance does not mean resignation or passively accepting things or renouncing one's needs, but welcoming ourselves. Find out what we can do with our current being.
  7. Let go of
  8. Essential.

The Mindful Eating path that must be done calmly, learning to observe yourself without JUDGING YOURSELF, to become aware of yourself and believe me, already with the first exercises that the Psychologist offers you, you will discover things about yourself that you did not imagine!

Are you in a hurry to change your life?
Think about how much time you spent suffering and try to enjoy every breath, every thought and every gesture you make in this path of reconciliation with yourself and with food.

-> What does Food Reduction mean?
I'll tell you what it's not.
We don't talk about quantity, we don't talk about what you can or can't eat because the truth is that YOUR BODY KNOWS WHAT YOU NEED, because our body regulates itself divinely.
The thoughts that Diet Culture has put in our heads are playing tricks on us. The day off, no pasta, desserts and pizza once a week, this so this thing, leading us not to listen to what our body asks, ignoring it and fighting it, instead of trying to get to know each other and discover that we are EXTRAORDINARY. t22>
My fear was that by letting myself free to eat what I wanted, I would also eat "the table" (to say everything and more)
But no ciapine!
It doesn't happen! This is because by consciously nourishing ourselves, recognizing our emotions and above all THE 9 TYPES OF HUNGER, we will discover that we need many different things and that we will need a quantity that is often less than what we imagined.

It will all be so natural , liberating, that you will wonder why they don't teach these things instead of putting all the others in our heads!

-> Who is this path for?
FOR EVERYONE! Young and old of all ages and shapes.
It is the ABC to know yourself, rediscover your tastes, find a balance.

Precisely for the enormous benefit that I have had on me felt that I absolutely had to find a way to make it accessible to more people (a studio path is extremely expensive), but at the same time maintain a valuable product.

Pablito took steps to make it all happen after falling in love he too of this philosophy so natural and after having seen my spiritual change towards nutrition and having also learned to relate better to me when it comes to food.
Now for example if he sees that I eat too fast and therefore I'm distracted, I'm not really here and above all I'd end up not even remembering what I ate, she knows what and how to tell me.
If I'm eating more than usual she asks me: Love are you really hungry? if the answer is yes and I eat consciously he is happy because he knows that I will enjoy it, otherwise it will be enough to ask me that question again to understand if that is really what I want and need to do.

These are not limitations or privations, do not exist, do not serve; it's just about awareness.

-> How does the (per) course develop?
The Mindfu Eating path in our online format consists of 21 videos of about 30 / 40 minutes each, Mindful audio tracks created by the Psychologist Chiara Lena, exercises and workbooks.
Once you have made your purchase here or on wwwsticorsi.it within 24h you will receive your access codes from the email info@sticorsi.it
You will be able to access at any time of day or night and without limitation over time to your reserved area.

Our course will gradually acquire value thanks to the contents that we will add that will remain free for those who have already registered (to date there are already two!)

-> Can an online path really help me?
I myself have carried out many sessions with Chiara via Skype for my journey and the results of mental serenity that she brought me have been remarkable, also for this reason I am sure that we are offering a quality path.
Doctor Chiara Lena guides us in the exercises and philosophy of Mindful Eating, Paolo and I tell many of our experiences and also doubts that are gradually resolved by Chiara and by experience itself.
Also in our community instagram @mindful_eating_online you can either write to us to ask us what you want or to tell your experience with the path, because sharing is useful both for constructive comparison and because it allows us to understand that some things don't just happen to us!

What are you waiting for?
Choose to love yourself and make peace with yourself * and with food!

Go to the website www.mindfuleatingonline.it


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