Would you like to help me improve the fit and inclusiveness of my collection?

I thought, who better than my Ciapine could help me in this path of improvement?

I state that this is a technical casting, whose choice parameters will be purely connected to the creation of a size table suitable for each garment so that it fits as many people as possible, as our Mission pushes us to do!


  • Why participate?

Think of how many times we have felt excluded for lack of suitable sizes, you can become the protagonist of this change.

Together we can eliminate that feeling of discomfort and inadequacy! You will be the protagonist Ciapina who will help make us become more and more inclusive and sensitive towards every need.

I will also be happy to give you space on the page to tell you about it, perhaps wearing one of my gifts ... oh yes, because you will surely have one of my items for free !!!

  • What do you need to participate?

I'm looking for about 10 girls with various physicality, skinny, fit, curvy, plus size, but I need your measurements to fall in the same size above and below, if you have already bought from me you probably already know, but regardless, here you will find the link to the size chart.

I would also like to receive an email from one or more girls in wheelchairs or with particular characteristics so that they can present any improvements on comfort.

  • What does collaboration involve?

Your task will be to try on the garments that I will send you, bringing me the annotations that will be requested from you via photos and videos, as soon as possible from when you receive them.

  • How do I participate?

If you want to be part of this initiative and meet the required characteristics send me an email to

- Write in the subject: CIAPINA FITTING x size ... (the size you think you will be in my size chart)

- Inside the email: Name and Surname / Where do you live / Name instagram

- Your story / Why you would like to participate / If you would like some of your photos to be published on the page or if you prefer to remain anonymous.

- Your measurements of bustline, underbust, waist 3 cm above the navel, navel, muffin top (ammmmore handles), hips at the widest point and height (requirement not fundamental for the choice , but very useful information for me).

- Attach 3 photos of you in bikini or underwear: front, profile and back, possibly in natural light (for example with a phone on a window sill and you illuminated by it).

Self-portraits are fine.

Obviously do not retouch the photo, shoot without filters and work on the awareness you have of yourself MY CIAPINA!

IMPORTANT : don't let these centimeters affect your waist. You are not right or wrong for your centimeters!

As a model I hated the centimeter so much that it would have determined whether or not to take part in a fashion show and automatically would have identified me as "right" or "wrong".

But that's not the case!

And I invite you to follow the page of @mindful_eating_online to develop greater awareness and confidence in yourself

  • When do I have time to participate?

Applications will be accepted by February 15th, but I will start choosing from today, so the sooner I receive the application, the more possibilities there are!

You know that I would always like to be able to give a voice to everyone and I will continue to do so, but in this case it is a purely technical company project in which I will need specific measures to try and improve the wearability of the garments.

So don't feel judged or rejected by giving an incorrect meaning to this casting, you know I care about each of you !!!!!

A huge HUG



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